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 BIGLife Group a Coaching Partner of Ceridian Canada

Learning Solutions

Ceridian Learning solutions
At Ceridian, we put people first. Ceridian Learning Solutions promotes organizational growth and development by providing comprehensive learning solutions that support corporate goals, and objectives.

Ceridian Canada is pleased to offer this suite of professional learning and development programs designed to provide a best-practice approach to training in areas such as Management Development, Employee Productivity, Change Management and Managing Employment issues. Learning Solutions is a blended approach to learning that integrates:

  • Classroom training — Our seminars are facilitated by a cross-country network of highly skilled professionals with subject matter expertise. We use a variety of proven instructional strategies such as classroom discussions, simulation exercises, videos, and self-directed action plans to bring concepts to life and enhance learning and retention. Every Ceridian learning experience is interactive, hands-on, and results-oriented.
  • Group Telephonic Coaching — Coaching is a client-centered partnership in which the coach provides objective listening and observation, focused inquiry, structure, and accountability for the purpose of expanding the participant’s capacity to take effective action and ensure real world application of their learning.
  • Online Learning — Access to a custom Learning portal which includes guided learning modules, Business books 24/7 and best practice guidelines that will be assigned as homework to further extend participant’s learning.
All Learning Solutions programs and seminars are available for delivery at your work site. Also available are multi-customer events at easily accessible locations scheduled across the country.

Click on the links below for more information on Ceridian’s Learning Solutions including course schedules and registration for Ceridian's Learning Solutions programs.

Sustainable Results

Learning Solutions offers a prescriptive approach that integrates the best learning modalities into one easy-to-implement solution. The combination of in-class training, group coaching sessions and online learning is a key differentiator, resulting in sustained learning and opportunities for real-world application and discussion/evaluation.

Proven Expertise

Learning Solutions has been developed based on the expertise and knowledge that Ceridian has acquired in developing and delivering training programs to our customers across Canada as well as building award-winning internal management and employee-training programs.

Webcast - Learning Solutions – A New Approach to Making Organizational Training Stick!

As the economy recovers, organizations will be challenged to motivate and retain their employees – especially their top performers. So how can you motivate and retain your top performers?

Corporate-sponsored learning is rated as one of the most effective employee-retention tools available.

High quality, innovative learning programs position your organization as an "Employer of Choice" and help motivate and retain top performers while reducing turnover costs. Industry-leading learning and development opportunities increase employee engagement and loyalty, resulting in a skilled and more productive workforce. The results translate into positive impact on the financial success of the entire organization.

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