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Accountability is foundational to world class performance in any realm. It means taking a position of ownership.
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 Leader As Coach - master your ability to influence
Leader as Coach Program

Leader As Coach is a highly interactive "virtual" program that supports participants in integrating key coaching skills into their leadership style. This program is unique in its design, as it is highly customizable and can be delivered at an individual, team and or organizational level. The program is designed to ensure that participants obtain an in-depth understanding of the 'coach approach' to leadership, managing and/or selling.

Participants will be able to integrate skills/competencies that are required to effectively drive results by mastering:

  • Your ability to influence others
  • Creating a mind set for success
  • Engaging others and ability to have a meaningful conversation
  • How to build rapport, trust and mutual respect with individuals, teams or groups
  • Their ability to drive results and hold accountability  
  • Serve as a leader and communicate a vision in a compelling way
  • Support others in being effective by bringing out the best in them  
  •  Be respectful and honour peoples uniqueness as well as your own
  • Interrupting the limiting stories that limit success

The program is made up of 15 core modules and  is approved as an ACSTH program with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and 37.5 hours of training can be applied to a portfolio route credential.

Ideal Candidate:   
Leader as Coach is designed for:
  • want to deepen their personal awareness and their awareness and understanding of others;
  • that are committed to converting the “potential” of people into reality and results;
  • wants to create an environment of high positivity, high productivity, accountability and resilience;
  • wants more time for strategic thinking, visioning and planning with less time/focus on 'fire-fighting'
  • want to benefit from the 'coach approach' to leadership, but who don't want to necessarily go through an entire coaching program to do it


Leader as Coach Program

Leader As Coach Program

Upcoming Session:
If interested to join the Leader As Coach Program, please send your interest and information to info@biglifegroup.com and we will contact you directly with important information for the program.
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Being a leader might be a role you’re given or a position that has been handed to you. You might be extremely well paid to lead or manage people. However, I believe that the more connected you are to yourself and the more comfortable you are, the better you will lead and inspire others.  - I have seen leadership in a person who is not recognized by title or salary. Leadership occurs where there is inspiration from within, when you have self-worth and are at peace. When you are clear on what you stand for and you live your life congruent with your values. Unknown

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