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World-class teams are made up of individuals who have each personally chosen to be accountable for the performance of the team.
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 Leadership Assessment Tools - The Leadership Circle ®

The Leadership Circle ® - The Leadership Circle Profile

Now Your Client’s Opportunities for Development Rise To The Surface Instantly

The Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360 degree feedback instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains—Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies—and integrates this information so that the key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface.

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The Leadership Circle ® - The Leadership Culture Survey

Get a Powerfully Insightful Read of Your Leadership Culture Quickly and Easily

The Leadership Culture Survey (TLCS) delivers a powerful “litmus” test of your leadership culture. Used for your entire organization, or just a leadership team, TLCS reveals valuable data: It tells you how your people view their current leadership culture, and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire. The “gap” between data on their current culture and their desired culture instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development. Furthermore, TLCS measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations.

Find more about The Leadership Circle ® - The Leadership Culture Survey
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Being a leader might be a role you’re given or a position that has been handed to you. You might be extremely well paid to lead or manage people. However, I believe that the more connected you are to yourself and the more comfortable you are, the better you will lead and inspire others.  - I have seen leadership in a person who is not recognized by title or salary. Leadership occurs where there is inspiration from within, when you have self-worth and are at peace. When you are clear on what you stand for and you live your life congruent with your values. Unknown

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