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What makes a leader a leader is their capacity to influence.
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You've seen the sense of it. Now You Need a System.

The most successful teams are made up of individuals who spend the majority of their workdays inquisitive, focused and fulfilled. The most critical step toward becoming a strengths-based organization is to find out what stops people from using their strengths, and to overcome these barriers.

At BigLife Group, we help you take responsibility for the things you need to do to improve the performance of individuals and teams. Our SimplyStrengths™ system is designed to teach all employees how to do this for themselves.

The system is a six-step, six-week program that's detailed in Marcus Buckingham's best-selling book Go Put Your Strengths to Work.

Marcus Buckingham Business Case VideoThrough the SimplyStrengths™ system, you'll learn how to identify and link activities to strengths while changing your actions and routines. The first two steps deal with identifying your mindset, as well as your strengths and weaknesses through the creation of vivid, emotionally evocative Strength Statements. The second two steps focus on using your strengths to do your job more efficiently, plus strategies for decreasing your amount of time involved in activities that weaken you. The final two steps center on communicating with peers and managers, and developing strategies to exploit team strengths.

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Same content, multiple delivery options

SimplyStrengths™ can be delivered in different modalities. The concept and content are the same no matter which method you choose for your organization. Here are your options:

Method: Two-day workshop (16 hours) delivered at your company location by an experienced Strengths facilitator
Ideal For: People who learn best by doing, as the workshop includes a bevy of valuable exercises that drive home key concepts

Method: One-day workshop (8 hours) delivered at your company location by an experienced Strengths facilitator
Ideal For: Teams whose members enjoy learning from each other and training together in close proximity

Method: Virtual classroom delivered in one 90-minute and five 60-minute online sessions
Ideal For: Organizations with multiple offices or widespread teams, as well as ones with tech-savvy personnel

Method: E-learning that's self-directed
Ideal For: Empowered, self-motivated employees who are accountable for collaborating with other team members

We also offer a "Train the Trainer" program designed to teach your in-house facilitators how to deliver the SimplyStrengths™ two-day workshop within your organization.

The Benefits You'll Receive
  • Employees who have identified their strengths and can leverage them to make a greater contribution to the team, company and customers
  • A coaching culture in which employees take increased responsibility for their development and performance
  • Employees who are more engaged, fulfilled and effective, leading to lower turnover
  • Open dialogue between employees and managers, yielding higher trust
  • A career-development outlook that better aligns employee strengths with corporate goals
  • More efficient, cohesive teams whose members are more focused and accountable
  • Better perspective on hiring needs, and ability to attract more Generation Y talent
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Elisa Palombi is a co-founder of BIGLife Group and an entrepreneur at heart. Having owned and operated her own business for over 17 years, she enjoys working with Business Leaders across a variety of industries. Elisa has the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively partner with you to ensure your success.
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Strengths Work- with the Marcus Buckingham Company

Strengths Work- with the Marcus Buckingham Company!! Contact BIGLife, one of the Exclusive Canadian vendors of the Marcus Buckingham Company to find out about Strengths Coaching, Simply Strengths or the Strong Manager Programs.Contact BIGLife, a vendor of the Marcus Buckingham Company to find out about Strengths Coaching, Simply Strengths or the Strong Manager Programs.

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